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Beyond proficiency in design work, one of the pivotal aspects of design, in general, is empathy. For anyone engaged in the creation or design of consumer-facing products, services, or businesses, a profound understanding of customer desires, needs, and emotions is paramount. Active listening and the willingness to set aside ego are essential prerequisites. Additionally, integral to our work process are observations, analysis, problem-solving, and the inception of ideas that will later undergo elaboration. Undoubtedly, this path is riddled with challenges. Moreover, adherence to design standards remains a foundational necessity.

Below, we present a curated selection of our work, showcasing diverse projects spanning various industries, each tailored to meet distinct requirements and challenges. Challenges, in fact, serve as the crucible for innovation. The pursuit of ‘something new’ expands our horizons and propels us out of our comfort zones. This journey of growth is not limited to our design approach; it extends to our personal development. It is a perpetual process of learning.

The Co – Spaces

Co-working spaces in London and Dubai.

Milkink Creative Studio

Multidisciplinary creative agency.

Spectra Cities

Coming soon.

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Physiotherapist and Speedfitness EMS instructor.

VFF Weekends

VFF's mini gathering.

Valletta Film Festival 2019

Malta’s largest cinematic event.

Valletta Film Festival 2018

Malta’s largest cinematic event.