Malta Producers’ Association

Malta Producers’ Association aims to contribute towards the development, promotion, and improvement of the audiovisual industry and its resources in Malta, as well as to safeguard and represent the interests and rights of Malta’s audiovisual producers and service providers, ensuring professionals in the sector enjoy a competitive and advantageous environment.

Malta Producers’ Association is dedicated to fostering the growth and enhancement of the audiovisual industry in Malta. Rooted in its mission to promote and develop this vital sector, the MPA actively works to ensure a supportive environment for professionals and service providers within the industry. With a focus on safeguarding the rights and interests of Malta’s audiovisual producers, the MPA endeavors to create opportunities for growth and advancement.

Inspired by the iconic Maltese cross found on film cameras, the visual identity and symbol of the MPA reflect the rich heritage and significance of the audiovisual industry. This symbolic connection pays homage to the history and tradition of filmmaking while signaling a commitment to innovation and progress.

In line with its mission, the MPA is organizing a five-day week of events “Future Visions” tailored for creatives and industry professionals in the audiovisual sector. This event will feature a series of training sessions and talks led by esteemed international guests, providing invaluable insights and networking opportunities for participants.

To complement this event, General Condition Studio has collaborated with the MPA to create a bespoke visual identity and accompanying materials. This collaboration aims to capture the essence and energy of the audiovisual industry while showcasing the MPA’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

In addition to the new visual identity, the MPA has launched a brand-new website to serve as a hub for information, resources, and networking opportunities within the industry. This website will provide a platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and access valuable resources to support their endeavors in the audiovisual sector.

Overall, the Malta Producers’ Association remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing the audiovisual industry in Malta, fostering growth, promoting excellence, and empowering professionals to thrive in a competitive and advantageous environment.

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