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These are our standard terms of service for any design project. Please review them carefully, and if you have any questions or concerns, let us know before the project begins so that we can discuss any necessary alterations for your specific project.

House rules

Booking season, working and contact hours and availability

At our core, we believe in delivering excellence. That’s why we operate on a schedule that’s geared toward efficiency, quality, and collaboration. Booking in advance is a strategic move that ensures your project receives the attention it deserves. By securing your spot during our designated seasons, you’re giving us the time needed to dive deep into planning, execution, and refinement.

Our working year is divided into two focused seasons. From January 15th to July 15th, we’re in high gear, crafting and perfecting concepts. Then, from September 1st to December 20th, we’re all about bringing those concepts to life with precision.

Booking ahead grants you the advantage of a well-prepared, well-executed project. We allocate time for brainstorming, collaboration, and strategic planning, guaranteeing a smooth and successful project delivery.

As for our working and contact hours, we operate from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please note that Fridays are designated as our off days, allowing our team to recharge and come back with fresh perspectives to tackle your projects with renewed energy. 


Deposits and payments

The Studio reserves the right to request a 50% deposit before beginning work on your project. An invoice will be sent to you via email, and payment is expected within seven days of issuance. By remitting deposit funds, you are accepting these Terms of Service and entering into a contract with JLakic Design, dba: [Studio] General Condition, referred to hereinafter as the Studio. Once the deposit has been received, we will commence work on your project.

Before releasing any final files or exporting any materials, we will issue an invoice for the project’s remaining cost and associated services. This invoice must be paid in full before we can release any materials or make the website live. We reserve the right to withhold delivery until payment has been received in full. We also reserve the right to invoice prior to the previously agreed-upon time if you have been uncontactable/unresponsive for more than 30 days.

You may request a payment plan, which may be accepted at our discretion. Any payment plan must be agreed upon in writing by both parties.


Delays, hold and revival process

The Studio maintains a standard minimum estimated delivery time of 6-8 weeks for all projects, irrespective of their scale. It is noteworthy that this timeframe is provided as a foundation, and it’s possible for us to conclude a project earlier than the estimated schedule.

However, it’s important to address scenarios where a project timeline extends beyond the norm. If a project exceeds a span of ten weeks from the initial commencement date, or if it surpasses two weeks beyond the agreed-upon duration, and such delay is attributed to the client, specific actions come into effect.

Under such circumstances, the Studio retains the prerogative to issue an invoice for the full project payment, regardless of the project’s current completion status. We operate on the understanding that the project’s progression may have been impacted due to external factors.

Should three months elapse without the project reaching full completion, and if client activity has been absent within this period, the project may be temporarily placed on hold. Thereafter, the Studio reserves the right to potentially terminate the project.

The revival of a put-on-hold project may necessitate the formulation of new estimates or the consideration of supplementary costs. The intention behind this process is to ensure that the project’s revival is a strategic step that aligns with both the client’s and the Studio’s objectives.

We believe that effective communication plays a pivotal role in addressing such instances. Should a client foresee the need for postponement or adjustments to the project timeline, it is highly encouraged to promptly notify the Studio. This proactive approach fosters transparency and enables us to collectively navigate any unforeseen circumstances while upholding the project’s integrity and your satisfaction.


The Studio’s revision policy aims to ensure the highest quality outcome for your project. We’re committed to providing up to two rounds of revisions to fine-tune your work and ensure it aligns with your vision.

However, we understand that sometimes ideas evolve or new requirements arise. In such cases, if you find the need for more than two rounds of revisions or wish to introduce additional assets, functionalities, or design elements, please note that this extends beyond the scope of the initial agreement.

To accommodate these requests, the Studio follows a transparent approach. Any additional work beyond the agreed-upon scope will be billed at an hourly rate. This rate ensures that our skilled team can dedicate the necessary time and attention to meeting your evolving needs.

Fonts & Typefaces

Licensing of any used fonts or typefaces

Any fonts or typefaces purchased by the Studio for the final logo and/or supporting brand identity/website assets are subject to commercial licensing laws. A font or typeface license gives the owner full rights to use the font or typeface as needed.

During the presentation of concepts, we will provide information on the typefaces used and where they can be acquired. It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary font licenses (paid or unpaid). Please keep this in mind when approving designs.

It is illegal for us to provide you with a copy of any font or typeface that we have personally purchased. If you wish to use a copy of a font or typeface we purchased for commercial use, you must purchase the respective font or typeface license and register it in your name.

Typically, a font used in a logo does not need to be licensed, as the graphics are converted to vector artwork and can no longer be edited. However, if you need a font for use in your own artwork for editing purposes, such as on a website or in a print presentation, you will need to purchase your own desktop license.

The exception might be the use of open source fonts which are 100% free for Commercial and Personal use, however, they are governed by EULAs. Open Source fonts are the property of their respective designers and are governed by the SIL Open Font License (OFL). The design sources of Open Source fonts are public, meaning anyone can modify the original fonts, recompile and redistribute them.


Licencing of plugins used for website development

The commercial licensing of plugins used for website development, such as Elementor Pro or Crocoblock, etc, must be adhered to. The studio holds the necessary licenses for the plugins from the Elementor PRO ecosystem and the Elementor PRO license. These licenses are the property of the studio and cannot be transferred to the client. The studio will only cover licenses for plugins that it has chosen to use and have been tested by its development team.

If the client requests the use of any additional plugins that are not part of the studio’s usual development process, the studio will not be responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses.

The licenses utilized by the Studio on the client’s website (either the development or production website) remain the property of the Studio and may not be utilized by the client on any other website not developed by the Studio. The Studio activates and maintains control over the use of all such licenses remotely.


Restrictions to the signing of this agreement

These terms of service do not give you the right or permission to use, modify, alter, replicate, or borrow any of the previous ideas, concepts, or sketches presented by the Studio. All original preparatory materials, sketches, visuals, and unused ideas shown and considered will remain the property of the Studio.

The Studio is free to use these unused and previous ideas for future conceptual and client work. If an unused idea or design has a similar appearance to the finished logo, we will repurpose and style it in a way that the final design is significantly different and does not cause conflict.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, we reserve the right to showcase the finished logo and associated designs in our portfolio and in any number of online galleries, showcases, and awards, as well as in printed literature, including books and magazines, now and in the future.

Associated designs and artwork may include commercial print design/business card/stationery design/signage/desktop icons/mobile phone/website designs or assets, and other portable device application icons and imagery.

Any supporting artwork and designs required for this project may be used by the Studio for personal and professional purposes.

Ownership & Copyright

The Studio retains ownership of all preparatory materials, sketches, visuals, including the electronic files used in the creation of the project until final payment is received. Upon receipt of final payment, the final artwork/digital files will become the property of the client.

If final payment is not received as agreed, the designs and concepts will remain the property of the Studio until payment is received. The Studio reserves the right to reuse or modify these ideas for other clients or to use them freely as concepts in our portfolio.

If the client uses, modifies, alters, replicates, or misappropriates any of our ideas without making the agreed final payment, we reserve the right to seek legal counsel.

The Studio reserves the right to display any artwork, ideas, or sketches created for this project in our portfolio as examples of client work, typically but not limited to the completion of the project. If you have any specific requirements for secrecy or non-disclosure, please mention this before agreeing to the proposal.

Final payment ensures that only the agreed logo design becomes the property of the client. Any previous ideas or concepts remain the property of the Studio unless a prior agreement has been made.

Brand naming

The client is responsible for ensuring that the company/product/name is legally available for use before work on the project begins. If any legal issues arise with the naming after the project has been completed, no refunds will be given and the Studio will not be held legally responsible for any problems that may arise.

Please ensure that the name you wish to use is legally available before committing to a logo project. Changes to the project name during the project are exceptionally costly, difficult to implement, and can cause significant delays.

If a change of name is required during the project and significant logo exploration work has already been presented, we will have no choice but to recalculate the total cost of the project to cover the rework required. Please ensure that the name you wish to use has been thoroughly checked and is not in use by another party or in violation of any registered trademarks or business names.


Cancellation during the project and project suspension

If the client chooses to cancel the project while ideas and proposals have been submitted, a refund of previous payment will not be possible.

We reserve the right to suspend any project if there is interference through excessive micromanaging, a lack of trust in the process, and an inability to move forward after the presentation of a reasonable/agreed number of unique logo ideas/concepts/revisions, or if there is a reluctance to make the final payment. Fair notice will be given with an opportunity to remedy the situation before resorting to project suspension or termination. Any suspension or termination will not result in any refunds and all designs and work developed will remain the property of the Studio.


Permission to share the project on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin throughout the design process. Permission to list the project/mention the project/make a case study of the project on the General Condition site after the official launch. Credits for General Condition on Awwwards submission and other awards platforms and publications.