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Hey it's me, Jovan!

designer + founder

Studying architecture throughout high school and college, I found that graphic design was an integral part of the subject, offering a means to express and present various aspects of architecture. Through this early experience, I became acquainted with typography, graphic elements, symbols, processes, and systems. My interest in graphic design stemmed from the realization that it allows me to alter existing visual solutions.

After completing my formal education, I seized the opportunity to immerse myself in design across various creative industries, including fashion, photography, architecture, and interior design. Each of these fields has contributed to a deeper understanding and a broader perspective of what design entails, as well as how to approach problem-solving and task execution. Designers draw inspiration from everyday life, emphasizing the importance of observation, curiosity, research, and inquiry.

Over the past decade of my career, I have specialized in brand and identity development, art direction, and website design and development. While specialization is valuable, I recognize that the industry is dynamic and continually evolving. Therefore, my current goal is to continue learning and expanding my perspective even further.



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The Co Spaces London The Co Kitchen Dubai visual identity General Condition Studio World Brand Design Society

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15 years of expertise, 300+ projects worldwide, and a trophy shelf boasting 100+ awards and features. That's me in a nutshell.

Let’s talk numbers. With a solid 15 years of professional experience, I’ve mastered the art of turning ideas into reality. My creative journey has led me to complete over 300 projects, spanning across more than 10 countries. Along the way, my dedication and innovation have garnered me a stunning collection of 100+ awards and features, validating the passion I pour into every endeavor. These aren’t just stats; they’re milestones that reflect my commitment to good design.


Hey there, I’m feeling a bit shy about this, but I wanted to share some good news. I’ve been lucky enough to receive some awards and recognition lately, both for my website and my projects. If you’re interested, you can check out the Work page—it’s kind of like my trophy room. And those projects? Well, they’ve been getting some attention too. Feel free to take a peek; I promise this little celebration won’t get in the way of your browsing!

A Chronicle
of Creativity

Prepare for a journey through time as you embark on a whirlwind tour of the past decade! I’ll be sharing insights into my creative journey, highlighting all the amazing projects I’ve been working on. Consider this your backstage pass—a gentle invitation to join me as I delve into the realm of my imaginative adventures!

Ten years

in motion

A decade-long odyssey fuels the unwavering commitment to design empowerment, propelling the sculpting of narratives that transcend imagination.

At General Condition, my decade-long journey is the bedrock of my unwavering commitment to design empowerment. Through relentless exploration and innovation, I’ve gained a deep understanding of design’s transformative power. This understanding fuels my passion to create visually captivating designs with purpose.

As a torchbearer of design empowerment, I believe in the power of design to drive change. With every project, I aim to transcend imagination, weaving narratives that communicate ideas and evoke emotions. My commitment goes beyond aesthetics, delving into the essence of each concept to resonate authentically.

My journey has been one of growth and evolution, sharpening my skills and broadening my horizons. Armed with this wisdom, I approach each project with renewed vigor and responsibility. Design empowerment isn’t just a catchphrase—it’s a guiding philosophy that shapes every aspect of my creative process.

I’m dedicated to harnessing design’s potential to shape experiences and spark conversations. At General Condition, my journey continues as I push boundaries, inspire innovation, and empower narratives that resonate deeply.