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15 years of expertise, 300+ projects worldwide, and a trophy shelf boasting 100+ awards and features. That's us in a nutshell.

Let’s talk numbers. With a solid 15 years of professional experience under our belts, we’ve mastered the art of turning ideas into reality. Our creative journey has led us to complete over 300 projects, spanning across more than 10 countries. Along the way, our dedication and innovation have garnered us a stunning collection of 100+ awards and features, validating the passion we pour into every endeavor. These aren’t just stats; they’re milestones that reflect our commitment to excellence.


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The Co Spaces London The Co Kitchen Dubai visual identity General Condition Studio World Brand Design Society

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The Co Spaces London The Co Kitchen Dubai visual identity General Condition Studio World Brand Design Society

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Alright, we’re gonna do a little happy dance here. We’ve snagged some awards and shiny features, both for our top-notch website and our killer projects. If you’re curious, don’t forget to swing by the Work page—it’s like our trophy room. And those projects we’re flaunting there? Yeah, they’re award magnets too. Go on, have a look; we promise our victory dance won’t interrupt your reading!

A Chronicle
of Creativity

Get ready to hop in the time machine as we take you on a whirlwind tour of the last ten years! We’re spilling the beans on our creative evolution, showcasing all the awesome stuff we’ve been up to. Think of this as our highlight reel—a friendly nudge to join us as we dive into the world of our imaginative escapades!

Ten years

in motion

Our decade-long odyssey fuels our unwavering commitment to design empowerment, propelling us to sculpt narratives that transcend imagination.

At General Condition, our remarkable journey spanning a decade acts as both the foundation and the driving force behind our unwavering dedication to design empowerment. This journey, marked by relentless exploration and innovation, has ingrained in us a profound understanding of the transformative power of design. It’s this very understanding that propels us forward, igniting a passion to not only create visually captivating designs but to also infuse them with purpose and significance.

As torchbearers of design empowerment, we stand at the nexus of creativity and innovation, fueled by the profound belief that design is a catalyst for change. With every project we undertake, we don’t merely design aesthetically pleasing visuals; we weave narratives that transcend the boundaries of imagination. We view each design endeavor as an opportunity to communicate ideas, evoke emotions, and inspire action. Our commitment to design empowerment means that we go beyond the superficial, delving deep into the essence of every concept to ensure that it resonates authentically with its intended audience.

Our decade-long odyssey has been one of growth, learning, and continuous evolution. It has sharpened our skills, broadened our horizons, and deepened our connection to the art and science of design. Armed with this accumulated wisdom, we embark on each new project with renewed vigor and a profound sense of responsibility. For us, design empowerment is not a catchphrase; it’s a philosophy that guides every stroke of our creative process. It’s about harnessing the potential of design to shape experiences, spark conversations, and make a lasting impact on the world around us. At General Condition, our journey continues, as we strive to push the boundaries of design, inspire innovation, and empower narratives that resonate far beyond the realms of imagination.