Valletta Film Festival 2019

Every year, since the beginning of this young festival in 2015, a new visual identity is created that follows the theme of the festival. The process of creating a festival identity usually begins with the main poster, based on which other materials are developed. This is at least the case for the first two festivals (2015-2016). The process itself was something different for the coming ones. As the festival grows, so the needs of the festival itself change. The last visual identity (2019) had a somewhat different design process where the initial approach required a broader view of the festival and its needs. New sections were born (Cinema of Small Nation Competition). New sub-projects of FGF and VFF were born (VFF Weekend, Valletta Film Lab…) In addition to the design of the main poster, merch, programs, catalogs and print materials, promo video and animations, marketing materials, and VFF Daily Paper are taken into account in the process. It is not enough to design a poster that dictates all of the above. It is necessary to understand all the needs of the film festival, the way it is expanding and developing as well as the demographics are changing from year to year.🎬

Promotional video for Valletta Film Festival 2019. Video animation and editing by Andres Algeciras

nations competition

Staatliches is a clean cut display face with charmingly unconventional proportions. The alphabet was designed in response to Herbert Bayer’s title lettering on the cover of the first Bauhaus exhibition catalogue, which was published in 1923. It features full sets of capitals, numbers, punctuation, and symbols, in addition to alternate widths, discretionary ligatures, and common Latin accents.

The competitive section of the Valletta Film Festival is eligible only to films coming from thirty-four small nations in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Six feature fiction and documentary films and 24 short films have been selected in this section.

Besides the Jury Awards, all the feature length titles selected will also be eligible for the festival’s Audience Award.

Valletta Campus Theatre will premiere all films from the Cinema of Small Nations.

The Ubuntu Font Family are a set of matching new libre/open fonts in development during 2010-2011. The development is being funded by Canonical Ltd on behalf the wider Free Software community and the Ubuntu project. The technical font design work and implementation is being undertaken by Dalton Maag.


Competition Section

Valletta Campus Theatre


Events, Masterclasses and Workshops



Competition Section

Pjazza Teatru Rjal


Islanders Section

Cinema at Spazju Kreattiv SK


Masters of Cinema Section

Music Room at Spazju Kreattiv


Kids Weekend

The Cinema Bar by City Lights


Short Film

Pjazza San Ġorġ


The Phoenicia Malta


Masters of Cinema

Hastings Gardens


Without Borders Section

One of the new activities of VFF5 was to produce daily newspapers with different activities and information such as film schedule, the film in focus, guest, and jury panels.