VFF Weekends

Every year since the beginning of this young festival in 2015, a new visual identity has been created to align with the festival’s theme. The process of crafting the festival’s identity typically commences with the creation of the main poster, which serves as the foundation for developing other related materials. This was the case at least for the initial two festivals (2015-2016). However, the process evolved for subsequent editions.

As the festival expands, the demands it places on its identity also shift. The most recent visual identity (2019) underwent a somewhat distinct design process, where the initial approach necessitated a more comprehensive understanding of the festival and its requirements. This led to the emergence of new segments, such as the ‘Cinema of Small Nation Competition,’ and the birth of sub-projects within FGF and VFF (VFF Weekends, Valletta Film Lab, etc.). In addition to designing the main poster, considerations encompass merchandising, program guides, catalogs, printed materials, promotional videos, animations, marketing collateral, and the VFF Daily Paper.

Designing a poster that encompasses all these aspects is not sufficient. It’s imperative to grasp the entirety of the film festival’s requirements, its growth trajectory, and how its demographics evolve from year to year. ­čÄČ

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