Eyepples Apples are a collection of hundreds of unique NFT collectibles inspired by fantasy-world, fairytales, darker aesthetics, classical art, and photography. It is a unique magical project built around the Ethereum blockchain where digital art, photography, and illustration merge together almost as an alchemist’s potion.

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The Magical Story

Let me tell you a little story…
On a dark and cold night around the hour of four, the calm dream was suddenly cut when someone knocked on your door…
You tight your robe and light the candle, open the door with some fright, unaware what you would have to handle; there was no one on your sight.

You had your question – ready to ask it.

What would someone want from you then?

When all there was – was a wooden basket,

Left by the mystery man.

What was in the basket you may wonder? It was strange – I will not lie.

The basket was full of apples, magical apples with just one eye.

But those were not to be afraid of – they are sweet so you take them in,

The story has just started, so let the games of Eyepples begin!

You want more?
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25. Savaball

Jubilee of the Prestigious Viennese Ball Event.

The Co – Spaces

Co-working spaces in London and Dubai.

Spectra Cities

Coming soon.

Milkink Creative Studio

Multidisciplinary creative agency.