yfitnesslab as an idea brings together medicine and fitness. Physiotherapist and Speedfitness EMS Instructor Deyan, with his 10 years of experience in both disciplines, base his knowledge on working with patients with neurological problems using kinesitherapy, patients after trauma, corrective and developmental exercise with children with special needs, manual massage, work with patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Therefore, he developed four programs that are often interdependent and divided into 4 closely related fields that often depend on each other.

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Developing an identity and website concept for yfitnesslab has certainly started with the idea of going beyond fitness and medicine and an already established visual direction that accompanies the areas here. Black and gray tones, geometric typography by Supertype, and extremely minimal photography by Misha Obradovic on a clean concrete wall in black clothes create a form and concept that’s not typical for the mentioned disciplines.

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