Logo collection

Curated from the span of 2014 to 2024, this compilation of logos and marks encapsulates the evolution of design and the journey of learning. Reflecting upon the genesis of a career holds significance as it offers insights for growth. Embracing any errors is vital, as they serve as stepping stones for learning and progress.

The cornerstone of visual identity lies in the logo. It marks the genesis of brand development, steering its trajectory. As the nucleus of an intricate identification system, a logo’s reach extends across an organization’s communication channels. Comprising symbols, names, and sometimes taglines, it encapsulates a brand’s essence – its values and business ethos – fostering a connection with the end-user.

Within this array of logos, we encapsulate the diverse stages of a designer’s journey. Not all logos may possess the zenith of design excellence; some might align with transient trends or not universally match ideals of aesthetics. However, their presence holds significance, serving as a reminder of our humble origins and present stature. Even as the logo becomes more diminutive, its impact remains undiminished.

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Global Unity Collective

A collaboration platform. - Coming soon

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Malta Producers’ Association

Supporting Malta's audiovisual industry.

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Cruelty-Free Beauty, Naturally.

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25. Savaball

Jubilee of the Prestigious Viennese Ball Event.

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The Co – Spaces

Co-working spaces in London and Dubai.

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Spectra Cities

Future of cities from pixels to bricks.

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Milkink Creative Studio

Multidisciplinary creative agency.

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