General Condition Studio

General Condition Studio is a creative powerhouse that has been on a captivating journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

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At the core of this journey lies a deep fascination with 20th-century graphic design, which has served as a wellspring of inspiration for the studio. This enduring passion fueled the inception of General Condition’s initial visual identity, a unique blend of 18th-century art and 21st-century modernist design that garnered widespread acclaim and numerous awards.

However, this was just the beginning of General Condition’s evolution. With over a decade of creative endeavor under its belt, the studio embarked on a new chapter. As it approaches its ten-year anniversary in 2024, General Condition is not just celebrating a milestone but redefining its essence. The aim is crystal clear: to craft a visual identity that authentically represents the studio’s values, aesthetics, and ambitions. General Condition is not merely about aesthetics; it’s about emotion. The latest design draws inspiration from the graphic design styles of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, evoking nostalgia with elements like elementary school book covers, posters and brand guidelines or user manuals. It’s a visual concept that extends beyond the surface, meticulously designed to evoke profound emotional responses. 

General Condition Studio is not only about design but also a profound appreciation for artistic heritage. As it unveils its new visual identity, it intertwines its creative narrative with illustrations that transcend time. Seven of these illustrations, intriguingly part of the magazine “Poletarac,” reveal a captivating story.

“Poletarac,” a publication that graced Belgrade from June 1973 to June 1975, emanated from the publishing studio of the esteemed newspaper company, “Borba.” The magazine was masterfully steered by the writer Dušan Radović, with an editorial board comprising luminaries like Dragan Lukić, Milovan Danojlić, Dobrica Erić, Ljubivoje Ršumović, Radoslav Zečević, and Dušan Petričić. With 19 issues and approximately 1,600 pages in a grand format, it left an indelible mark.

Amidst this rich artistic history, General Condition pays homage to the brilliant artists of the last century by resurrecting these illustrations in a contemporary context. Despite their age, these illustrations seamlessly weave into the fabric of the 21st century, effortlessly harmonizing with modern design and brand identity. 

Their endurance is a testament to the timelessness of art, and General Condition eagerly awaits the day when another soul, amidst the vast ocean of the internet, stumbles upon them, reigniting the legacy of these remarkable creations.

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