Yes, we are a

design studio! *

Yes, we are a design studio!*

And we have been creating thrilling digital
experiences since 1814. give or take a few years.

And we have been creating thrilling digital experiences since 1814. give or take a few years.

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We are General Condition Studio and we are a multidisciplinary team based in Belgrade, Serbia. And remote work is part of our concept. The office is so 2010. Our design team is spread around the world. During the past 10 years, we specialized in brands and identities, art direction and website design, and website development. General Condition Studio focuses on creating visual solutions and creative concepts through identifying needs or problems, research, and testing.

“The process of creativity is not easily come by, nor are all its phases easy to endure. We should then perhaps be prepared to discover that those who have high potential, as well as those who have demonstrated true creativity, will show a disposition to undertake problems where the degree of difficulty and frustration is great and will have a drive towards competition and accomplishment that is persistently strong.” – Donald W. MacKinnon

Explore latest inspirations on our Moodboard

Part of our creative process is research. The best way to explore ideas and bring them together and note inspirations are by using a moodboard. As a design studio, We store ideas for typography, colors, shapes, and photography in one place, revise them from time to time, and track how quickly our design approach and design in general evolves.

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Have a project to discuss? [Don’t be shy] Let’s collaborate and create wonderful stuff together. We are here to help you find answers to all your doubts and solve challenges that might bother you. We believe that challenges lead to the realization of something new. Something new broadens our horizons and we learn, together. Drop us a message by filling out the contact form or write to us at our email. We will get back to you before our morning coffee.