Tough Candy

Tough Candy is a group of enthusiasts from Belgrade and lovers of fashion. Tough Candy brand is designed for those who want to spend their days in comfortable and high-quality clothes while looking good.

”We are a team that believes in the endless sources of creativity, the strength and energy that creativity brings with it.”

The journey of crafting a brand identity was ignited by a simple yet striking symbol: a lollipop. This lollipop stood as a luminous motif, a beacon of significance. Cast in vibrant red, it evoked the imagery of red lips – an emblem embodying strength, determination, and innovation. These attributes epitomize the dynamic female collective steering the helm of Tough Candy brand. Their prowess not only radiates outward but also kindles inspiration in others.

From the humble canvas of a universal white t-shirt, the metamorphosis began. The concept was elegantly simple – abstract illustrations, almost ethereal in nature, would grace these shirts. The resolute hue of bright red seamlessly transitioned onto the e-commerce platform. In today’s culture, online shopping has etched itself as a pivotal cornerstone, revolutionizing the way we procure goods. To encapsulate this significance, the essence of bright red migrated into the digital realm.

Choosing the right typography was pivotal, and Dosis emerged as the perfect candidate for this venture. It exudes an air of casualness, an effervescent quality, softly accentuating the overall visual narrative. This choice of typography harmoniously completes the holistic visual impact, drawing the threads of the brand identity into a harmonious symphony.

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