langlois4music is an independent structure that serves as a professional and organizational framework to build a platform for exchanges, reflection, advice, and sharing of best practices in France and all over Europe and work with and for artists, ensembles, companies, museums, and collectives. In Europe, the media coverage and the organization of performing arts projects have totally changed in recent years.

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The work of langlois4music is above all to connect artists and projects with the European network of production and distribution professionals through a permanent presence in the field in the daily maintenance of direct contacts.

Laurent Langlois works with the most relevant and innovative ensembles, orchestra, musicians, composers, and music production centers: B’Rock Orchestra (Ghent)MUZIEKTHEATER TRANSPARENT(Antwerpen), BL!NDMAN [sax] (Brussels), ZEFIRO TORNA(“Mechelen”). Also with the most important and innovative stage directors such as Jan FabreIvo van Hove, Stéphane BraunschweigPeter Mussbach, Pierre Audi, Jean Lacornerie, Joan Simmons, Claron McFadden.

Langlois 4
wishes to encourage and support the production and dissemination of cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary projects with a common point: music performed live on stage.

From there, we come to the establishment of 6 separate ideas through which they represent the sphere of action and represent Langlois 4 and at the same time intertwine.


At the same time, we come to the establishment of a color system in 6 colors. We use a set of 3 primary colors and a set of 3 secondary colors. Secondary green plays a major role in the color system and in the visual identity and can be found on most brand materials. As well as through graphic details and effects on the site.

Green can be perceived in different ways. While some find green a relaxing color, others find that it gives them a feeling of excitement. It can mark the beginning of something new, fresh, energetic, motivating, inspiring.

Significant contribution and inspiration come from the Parking typeface made by Atipo Foundry [Thank you, guys]. Parking is an all-caps condensed display font inspired by an untitled street typeface. The design is an unusual mix between industrial-strength and Art Deco style, it has a distinct historic aura but with both feet in this digital day and age.

Its seemingly rigid form is tempered by the soft, rounded corners, and the result is a rugged, retro, typeface that would be ideal for magazine headlines, book covers, posters, signage, packaging, or logos.

Parking is a significant and dominant typeface and Roboto Mono, which completes the idea around the L4M visual identity is used throughout the print material and website design.

The structure of the website is defined on four pages. The Welcome page introduces us to the L4M idea and briefly presents the core of its operation. Accented titles and strong imagery with a historical background put the whole L4M experience in context, but it slowly introduces us to the issues it deals with, which continues further on the Philosophy page. A detailed presentation of the L4 structure comes on the About page with a summary of 35+ years of professional experience, portfolio, and biography of founder and project director in performing arts, Laurent Langlois.

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