JLakic laid the foundation for General Condition Studio, established even before its inception. Serving as the personal portfolio of Jovan Lakic, the visionary founder of General Condition Studio, JLakic not only preceded its creation but also formed the cornerstone on which the studio was built. This evolution led to the development of three distinctive visual identities.

The last visual identity was crafted during the latter half of 2019, marking the third iteration and a redesign of the prior solution. This iteration stands out as perhaps the most comprehensive solution to date, as it delved into aspects of brand identity that were previously unexplored. Notably, the logo remained untouched for a full four years, unchanged and unaltered.

In this new and final iteration – though the future remains uncertain – the personal identity concept evolves into a pastel phase, comprising four distinct colors. These hues grace accompanying materials such as bags or business cards. The gentle pastel foundation finds harmony with four muted colors from the same palette. These shades are thoughtfully woven through typography and graphic elements. The addition of Sans Serif Ubuntu complements the primary typeface, namely Neue Haas Grotesk by Monotype Studio.

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25. Savaball

Jubilee of the Prestigious Viennese Ball Event.

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