Learn a little bit more about us and our approach to work. 

We are a multidisciplinary team based in Belgrade. And remote work is part of our concept. The office is so 2010. Our team is spread around the world. During the past 10 years, we specialized in brands and identities, art direction and website design and development. Our small studio focuses on creating visual solutions and creative concepts through identifying needs or problems, research, and testing.

Observing, analysing, finding a solution and developing an idea that would later be elaborated are all important steps and part of our process.

One of the important things about design in general is empathy. Anyone involved in creating or designing a consumer-facing product, service, or business should have a greater understanding of customer desires, needs, or feelings. We have to listen. We need to put the ego aside.

Also, observing, analyzing, finding a solution, and developing an idea that would later be elaborated are all important steps and part of our process. This certainly cannot be easy. We also have to adhere to design standards that directly intersect with all of this.

The design has standards, systems, and rules, but it’s fluid and constantly changing. It’s under the influence of current trends, social, cultural, global, political, economic, and environmental issues. Directly or indirectly. These changes or challenges often lead us to understand something new but they also take us out of our comfort zone. Then we grow. Our approach to design grows. In ideal conditions, whatever they imply, the influences should leave a stronger impact on the world of design and its approach, but it seems that design most often resists and idealizes the world in which we live. If we are successful in making standards in design during the process of globalization, why can’t we make standards in people’s lives?

“The process of creativity is not easily come by, nor are all its phases easy to endure. We should then perhaps be prepared to discover that those who have high potential, as well as those who have demonstrated true creativity, will show a disposition to undertake problems where the degree of difficulty and frustration is great and will have a drive towards competition and accomplishment that is persistently strong.” – Donald W. MacKinnon

[We work as a team]

Get two designers together and the perfect combo is made. What you get is an imaginative mash of two minds who come together with contrasting skills to create something visual, something engaging, something beautiful.

Yet they shouldn’t be strangers to creative conflict. Because of its spirit of curiosity and mutual respect and commitment to learning and seeking the best approach or direction, creative conflict is essential.