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A decade of creative journey and design empowerment

General Condition Studio Vienna Belgrade Madrid design creative awwwards jovan lakic
General Condition Studio Vienna Belgrade Madrid design creative awwwards jovan lakic

For a long time, I was fascinated by the era of mid-20th-century graphic design. For a long time, visuals and inspiration stood on my moodboard as a reminder, as an idea that needs to be thoroughly researched and learned more about.

The previous visual identity and site that was created for General Condition Studio had a specific approach. I focused on experimenting with 18th-century art and 21st-century modernist graphic design. The design and development of the site won numerous awards, which is very interesting, considering the topic I was dealing with. The idea was to present the design studio through the concept of a museum catalog or brochure, creating a dark and distinctive environment with unique typography. And I think I got it right. The approach to this project was as if I was working for a client, not for myself and my studio. 

However, that was only the first step of General Condition Studio in the direction of defining its visual identity and expression. After over six years and many attempts to create a more concrete digital presentation, the site created three years ago was just an introduction to the following story.

The studio celebrates ten years of work, creation and creativity in the next few months as we move into 2024. That was the reason for creating a new visual identity, site, strategy and concept. The goal was clear – to create something that would represent General Condition Studio, its values, expression, aesthetics and goals.

For someone who has been in the creative business for over 15 years, finding my creative expression and language took time. Doubts, imposter syndrome and indecision are challenges we often face. We often face other people’s criticism, forgetting that the most important thing is how we see ourselves and our work. It often has to do with our own development and maturation. All this affects our business and creative process. But there is hope and I believe persistence is key. Persistence is stronger than lack of courage. You don’t have to “fake it until you make it,” but you do have to persevere despite your fears and lack of courage.

When I applied for Elementor’s Best Site of the Year award, I wasn’t sure If I should do it. I asked myself: “Why should I apply? Surely there are many better sites than mine.” And those were just some of the thoughts I had as I mustered up the courage to send in my application. Until then, I had not won any design awards. But I submitted my application anyway. And I got it.

Three years later, a new design, identity, and vision of General Condition Studio was born after a year of work. The whole idea was inspired by the ’60s, ’70s’ and ‘80s era in graphic design. Those beautiful (elementary school) book covers, posters, kids’ magazine illustrations, or even brand guidelines from that period were part of the exploration. Also, those are the first designs I encountered as a kid.

Sure, the new GC design is a visually exciting concept with an attractive website, fantastic illustrations, colors, visualizations and animations, but it’s much more than that.

It’s the result of a long journey of research and discovery. It was created to provide a digital and visual experience that is not simply the result of design for design’s sake or aesthetics but has the potential to evoke an emotional response.

Discover more about new visual identity here.

Jovan Lakic – Designer and Founder at General Condition Studio